Technogym Excite+ Jog 700 Treadmill - UNITY


Technogym Excite+ Jog 700 Treadmill - UNITY


The Technogym Excite+ Jog 700 Running Machine Compact and accessible, but at the same time professional and safe, it lets you get complete cardiovascular exercise and reach a number of different training goals, including weight loss, toning and increasing your endurance. Jog Now is a solution that saves space and offers your clients – including newcomers and young people – a safe and reliable machine. Like Run Now, Jog Now also has three levels of safety that help prevent the most common accident - getting on a moving treadmill. Designed to ensure a correct, natural running motion Scientifically and biomechanically designed, the position of the display (UNITY or LED) helps you find and maintain the right posture throughout your workout. Walking or running on Jog Now is also safe for your muscles and joints: the materials and structure of the cushioning system let you place your feet correctly, noticeably reducing post-workout joint and muscle pain. Why train with Jog Now? Fewer risks for the joints and muscles A platform can be considered safe and high quality if it ensures equilibrium between two movements: the phase in which the foot presses against the resting surface, and then when it rises upward. If a belt is too soft, the foot remains in contact with the belt longer and motions become more tiring and less natural. The Jog Now belt is slightly less hard than the belt on Run Now, and consequently offers a more comfortable rest for the foot (especially for people who have never run before) yet it also delivers the right responsiveness for resuming movement. With UNITY training becomes as engaging as ever Thanks to the UNITY digital platform, you can turn the machine you use into your personal device for the entire duration of your workout. With UNITY™ and mywellness® cloud, you can stay in touch with your world even while you train, using all the Android tools and applications as on your own tablet and with the same type of interaction. It is now possible to access social networks and preferred Web contents, participate in your gym's challenges, manage your workouts and monitor your indoor and outdoor activities. With UNITY, this and much more is possible. Jog Now for your gym Helps you save space Jog Now offers performance and technical qualities similar to the Run Now, but the design is compact and light, and it's a slightly smaller size. Thanks to these characteristics it's also suitable for smaller gyms who don't want to forgo quality equipment. It can also be used by less expert clients With its accessible design, safety systems and ergonomics before and during the workout, Jog Now offers a solution for clientele who are less accustomed to training on a treadmill. This will help you expand your target usership to include beginners, sedentary people, or those over 60. Long-lasting Thanks to the quality of the materials used for the frame, deck and surfaces, and the low belt friction ensured by the Jog Now, the Long Life Deck system is durable over time and requires little maintenance. The deck and belt do not need lubrication. This means less worry for you and fewer machine replacements over time.  

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