NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Treadmill


NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Treadmill


IT’S ENGINE IS YOUR LEGS This running machine has no limits. Its unique curve and innovative mechanism allows you to vary your pace. You can go for a hard sprint or simply stroll at a gentle 2km/h. This new fitness equipment can be used by everyone, from pro athletes to recreational walkers. THE SENSATION It’s like running outside ! You have total control. You can vary your speed and the mininum and maximum ranges are unlimited. Its unique slats flexion system and soft rubber gives a very good cushion and protects you from injuries by absorbing shocks and vibrations. PERFORMANCE It improves your running technique promoting mid-foot or front-foot striking. This is the natural way of running and all the best runners in the world constantly work on developing this technique. It also forces you to hold a good back and neck posture. The speed settings are perfect for interval treadmillworkout as you can accelerate and decelerate very quickly. It’s easier to spend more energy and build up more muscle ! ZERO MAINTENANCE Our curved treadmill is very durable and robust, it is made using only the highest quality sustainable materials available. This manual treadmill has been thoroughly tested to ensure durability. No maintenance is required, all the moving parts have been greased for life. The life time is a minimum of 10 years with an average use of 10 hours per day. ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY 20 000 000 € ! is what it costs, per year, for electricity to operate all the treadmills in France! The Sprintbok, doesn’t use any electricity and is made using only sustainable mono-materials. EASY TO USE It takes just 30 seconds to get used to our compact treadmill. No complicated electronic board and no plugs. Our simple computer gives you: speed, distance and time. You can also download our app for more data and planning. There are no risks of accidents during your treadmill exercises which makes it excellent for rehabilitation as well. CONNECT TO THE SPRINTBOK You can connect the Sprintbok to your Apple or Android smartphone using our free app. The app will give you not only your speed, distance and time but also a lot more information such as : your history, heart rate, calories etc. Our app is in constant development and we’ll soon offer more possibilities, such as training planning etc.

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