WaterRower Vintage Oak Rowing Machine - Exclusive


WaterRower Vintage Oak Rowing Machine - Exclusive


The WaterRower Vintage Oak is designed to provide a total body workout.  Using every large muscle group in the body (84% of total muscle mass), the WaterRower will allow you to burn calories and tone muscles faster and more effectively than ever before.  Furthermore, even moderate rowing on the WaterRower will strengthen your heart and lungs to improve overall cardiovascular health.    Rowing on the WaterRower is a low impact exercise, free from the painful jarring associated with running and many other forms of fitness.  This will allow you to row without the discomfort of joint and muscle pain that can derail a workout program and prevent you from reaching your fitness goals.  The beautiful walnut stained solid oak frame of the WaterRower Vintage Oak means your rowing machine will sit pride of place and be used in any room of the house.  In contrast to the bulky, functional look of conventional exercise equipment that needs to be hidden away, the WaterRower is a piece of aesthetic design to be admired.   For space saving storage stand the WaterRower on end in seconds, easily move it around the house using the transportation guide wheels.   A further benefit of the WateRower in a home environment is that the machine is virtually silent when in use, emitting only the tranquil sound of moving water.    An official partner British Rowing, WaterRower’s patented WaterFlywheel provides infinitely variable resistance that adjusts automatically to match your intensity.  The harder you row, the greater the resistance!  Making the WaterRower suitable for all ages, body shapes and fitness levels.    The WaterRower Vintage Oak has a 180kg weight limit, ideal for anyone looking to lose weight.   New to indoor rowing?  That is not a problem, the Vintage Oak comes with a “How to Row” guide with all of the information needed to get you started! Handmade in the USA to guarantee high quality and durability, the WaterRower Vintage Oak comes with a best in class commercial gym ready 5-year frame and 3-year parts warranty.   WaterRower’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing guarantees that for any timber used in manufacturing reforesting rates exceed 2.29.  This means that for every tree cut down to make a WaterRower over 2 trees are planted in its place.  As standard the WaterRower is delivered in two boxes for ease of transportation.  Self-assembly should take no more than 30 minutes using the tools provided.  Regular tap water is suitable for filling the WaterRower tank using the siphon pump that comes in the box.  Caring for your WaterRower couldn’t be easier.   The only regular maintenance required is placing a water purification tablet into the tank every 4 to 6 months.  A year supply of purification tablets comes with the machine, replacements can be ordered directly from WaterRower.    

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