Boxing Training Tips

Whilst no two boxers are the same, and it is important to tailor your training towards your own specific fighting style and goals, there are a number of boxing tips to keep in mind when training for a for a fight.

The first of these boxing tips is simple; get in the ring. You could pound weights all day long and never become king of the ring. Make sure you spar regularly and fight in amateurs as often as you can. On the other hand, your body can only take so much punishment. Make sure you rest if you’ve fought a lot recently or you’ll only do yourself harm.

Another of my favourite boxing tips is to mix it up. Never become so structured in your training that you’re just going through the motions and labouring through the same old routines. Whilst a standard day will consist of something along the lines of a morning run and an afternoon/evening gym session, it is important to work on your weaknesses in the gym.

A typical gym session should consist of some heavy bag drills, mitt work, shadow boxing, jump rope and sparring but include some strength and conditioning training as well. Another of my boxing tips is to spar with different partners; become an all round fighter and be prepared for any opponent.

Make sure you keep yourself flexible in terms of your routines; improvise from time to time. Make sure each individual exercise or routine is tailored to practise what you’re weak at. There’s no sense continually going over the same old mastered moves when there’s so much more you could be improving on.

Remember, whilst strength training will get you a beach body and washboard abs, it won’t make you a good fighter. You could train all year round in the gym and get knocked out in 10 seconds flat by a kid that’s been training to box. Train to box, not to get big. Skill is the key to a good boxer. The key to being a good boxer is skill, then power, endurance and strength.

Finally, if you’ve got a fight coming up you should be looking to spar around 4 times a week and for longer than usual. To allow for this, take it easy in the morning runs in order to keep yourself fresh and full of energy.  Always make sure you’re focusing you’re energy on your boxing and don’t lose sight of your goals.

Essentially, you need to be clever when you’re training. Do nothing half heartedly and always focus on improving what you know are your weaknesses. Take it easy in the morning if you’ve got a heavy sparring and make sure you get enough sleep and nutrition so you’re always full of energy.