New or Used?

‘New or used?’ A question you may often find yourself asking. Sure it’s cheaper, but is it really worth buying second hand equipment?

So often buying second hand equipment is not worth the saving. Vacuum cleaners, hardware tools, washing machines and such like are always coming down in price and, for the sake of saving a hundred quid or less it’s hardly worth the risk.

Buying new will often entitle you to a warranty and peace of mind. So often will second hand equipment fall to pieces within weeks of purchasing; meaning you’re back at square one minus your original investment. This is particularly true if you’re buying the second hand equipment from a market, pawn brokers or car boot sale where you’ve really no idea of its true condition.

Electronics are another no go area in regards to buying second hand. Technology is progressing so rapidly, buying second hand is first of all likely to leave you with an out of date piece of kit. Secondly, you’ve got to ask yourself why someone is selling the equipment. The likes of computers are usually worth repairing or updating as new models are expensive so if you buy second hand you may well find yourself with a faulty machine.

On the other hand, it obviously depends on what you are buying. There are certainly cases where second hand equipment can certainly be value for money.

Buying a car second hand could save you a fortune. They will not depreciate as much as a new car and are often in the region of several thousands of pounds cheaper than a brand new model. Take the Vauxhall Corsa for example. A new 3 door Corsa will set you back somewhere in the region of £10,000 whilst an 18 month old model is likely to be around £3,000 grand cheaper. A car of this age is still likely to be in pretty reasonable condition and, as long as the previous owner has taken care of it, will run sweetly for a good few years. Certainly be wary of who you’re purchasing from and know what to look for but do not be afraid of the second hand market.

Baby clothes are another example or worthy second hand investments. You can certainly tell the condition of the clothes, unless of course you’re buying online. The likes of eBay are usually quite safe for purchasing clothes second hand as users tend to have plenty of feedback from other customers that you can read. Buying second hand could really save you money and at the end your baby really going to know they’re wearing second hand clothes?

Finally, the likes of gym equipment can often be picked up at a bargain price second hand. There are plenty of people with the money to purchase home gym equipment that lack the motivation to use it. Check you local classified or online for great deals on nearly new gym equipment but be sure to personally inspect anything before you buy. A similar principle can be applied to fancy kitchen gadgets like bread makers or smoothie makers. People buy with the best intentions but often rarely use non-essentials like these.

In conclusion, it really does depend on what you’re buying. Always be careful to check the product you’re buying and know what to look for, especially in machinery and cars. The second hand market has bargains to offer but be sure you’re not paying for false economy.