Vibration Training for Weight Loss

Vibration training is rapidly becoming popular in gyms across the country and, whilst the technology is relatively new, its effects are widely recognised as significant. Its popularity is down to its simplicity the effectiveness of vibration training for weight loss and toning.

Vibration training works by sending rapid vibrations through your muscles, stretching and relaxing them, helping them to tone whilst burning calories. Users simply perform conventional exercises like push ups on a vibrating plate.

The physics behind vibration training for weight loss, toning and fitness comes down to force. In order to lose weight or improve strength and power, you need your body to exert a force, which is made up of either mass or acceleration. Instead of the usual weight training, vibration plates causes accelerations in the muscles, causing them to work and exert force as they attempt to re-stabilise themselves.

Vibration training is much more effective for weight loss and toning than conventional methods, without the need for extra weight. This reduces the chance of injury and lowers the stress put on joints in the body, making it ideal for people of all ages and physical abilities.

Vibration training for weight loss and toning can be done in two ways; statically or dynamically. 

People new to vibration training may be tempted to opt for static exercises; holding stress positions or simply standing on vibration plates. Whilst there are some benefits of static exercises, they are far outweighed by the benefits of dynamic vibration training. Exercises like holding a plank are great for strengthening the core muscles and, when performed on a vibration plate, can be made far more effective. Simply standing on a vibration plate is ok for a few minutes, in order to get used to the feeling of vibrations, but will have little effect in weight loss or toning.

Dynamic training, however, is far more likely to return results. The likes of push ups, dips and squats can be made much more effective when performed on a vibration plate.

Whilst the claim of ten minute work outs on a vibration plate being returning miracle results with the need for hard work is essentially false, vibration plates will help you lose weight and tone up. They should be used along with regular cardio exercise and a healthy diet.

Before using a vibration plate for the first time, be sure to consult a personal trainer or someone who is familiar with vibration training. Different techniques will work different muscle groups and not all vibration plates work the same. Finally, don’t do too much too soon, there is still a risk of injury if you  over exert yourself, particularly if you’ve not used a vibration plate before.